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Merging Creative and Strategic with the "Doable."

The magic INTOUCH formula...

Yes, our client list is impressive and the "names" we work with say much about our abilitiy to win over the brightest marketing minds with our designs and creativity. Yes, our in-house creative talent is as diverse and broad as those of many of North America's most impressive agencies. Yes, our global partner network boasts respected entities and distinguished individuals from a cross-section of industries serving our "community." Yes, our passion for connecting with consumers and customers on a genuine and emotional level is well, almost the stuff of lore,:) however, the truth be told...

Our success is not predicated on any one of the flattering realties listed above. Rather the golden nugget or principle behind INTOUCH's significant industry success is something much simpler and more benign than all that.

At INTOUCH, we have grown our legacy and founded our business success on the principle foundation that our innovative and creative solutions must first and foremost always be: "practical, doable and real." This single-minded purpose is a great source of internal pride to our entire project development team, and a primary focus in all our creative and strategic deliberations.

The key ingredient in any relationship, be it business or personal, is "trust." At INTOUCH, it is paramount that our customers trust us. we have understood from our inception, if there is no trust, there is no business, thus no rewards! At INTOUCH, our principals and creative strategists get business. Economies can be tough, capital can be somewhat limited, and resources often lean, therefore creative solutions have to be measured, practical and doable. They have to have a close to 100% chance of delivering on the promise of success spelled out in the creative brief!

Of course that doesn't mean they can't be brilliant, unique and infused with emotion as well. As a matter of fact, you can bank on it!

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