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Kiosk Applications

INTOUCH specializes in interactive software and content development for the kiosk and self-service marketplace. Drawing from our large creative and development teams, INTOUCH creates engaging touchscreen experiences that bring brands to life and connect to consumers. Specific kiosk solutions provided by INTOUCH have included the following:

  • Information Kiosks with Custom Creative ContentInformation Kiosks with Custom Creative Content
  • Museum, Exhibition and "Edutainment" Kiosks & Content
  • Video & Photo Capture Kiosks
  • Product Information and E-commerce
  • Branded Portals & Secure Browsing Environments
  • Wayfinding & Directory Applications
  • Donor Walls & Tribute Kiosks
  • Interactive Contests, Surveys & Data Capture
  • Custom Self-Service Application Development

While we have created the underlying framework for many applications, we take special care to offer unique designs and customer experiences to our clients, appropriate to the experiences they need to create to generate results and sales. We do not underestimate the power of the creative and its impact on generating sales.

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