INTOUCH Kiosk creates world class kiosk solutions for kiosks, digital signage and web.
A truly symbiotic merging of technology, communications and marketing,
INTOUCH Kiosk boasts some of the brightest technical and creative talent in North America.


Brand Image Specialists
Creating bonds of trust, respect and customer loyalty.

Specializing in capturing an organization's or product's unique qualities, attributes or distinct character and identity, INTOUCH Kiosk's brand image team prides themselves in creating bonds of trust, respect, and ultimately customer loyalty for their client's products, services or special offerings.

Every INTOUCH Kiosk project is launched from that exact strategic business perspective. We understand that consumers are capable of loyalty even beyond reason if we are able to truly connect with them on an emotional level - in ways that resonate deeply with their sense of self, their core values, principles and inherent human qualities.


Marketing Communication Strategists
Infusing personality, character and emotion into digital media!

INTOUCH Kiosk's innovative marketing communications team has worked with many of North America's most discerning and strategic consumer market minds, to help move products and take services to the next level, including the likes of those within the hallowed halls of Hummer, Mattel, Bosch and Starbucks, to name just a few.

INTOUCH Kiosk's marketing minds have a singular vested focus when it comes to bottling that magic "je ne sais quoi" that proudly captures a product’s or service’s unique character or essence - to help your business or enterprise grow! Our reputation for merging high level creative thinking with strategic and practical outcomes is a hallmark for which our clients truly love us. We work with clients in very seamless and efficient ways to help infuse the X-factor into their creative promotions, marketing communications and interactive media solutions.


Interactive Media Designers
Enhancing the customer experience through sight, sound, and motion.

Today’s savvy consumers expect highly engaging and meaningful interactions with products and services. Customers demand ease of use, speed, efficiency and enjoyment. Creating such rich customer experiences requires not only expertise in branding and marketing communications, but also the ability to anticipate a consumer’s wants and needs. Rich user interface designs require creatives to think in terms of flow of user interactions rather that “pages” or “screens.”

Customers want simplicity, clarity, and most of all an enjoyable experience. INTOUCH Kiosk’s interactive media developers create interactive solutions that humanize technology and make it intuitive. INTOUCH understands that human beings won’t figure out how things work – they muddle through and give up if not fully engaged and understood.

INTOUCH Kiosk’s talented team of interactive media designers and expert front-end developers leverage deep expertise in information architecture and interaction design with a real world understanding of interactive digital media – infusing sight, sound and motion into every customer experience.


Software Engineers
Deploying robust, user-friendly, innovative solutions.

Great branding and marketing communications are timeless. But technology is ever-evolving and advancing and demands our ultimate respect. That's why at INTOUCH our focus on technology is nearly obsessive. All our technology solutions meet exacting quality standards. If there's a late breaking product or market innovation, you can rest assured we're on top of it. INTOUCH Kiosk’s research and development lab exhaustively investigates, analyzes and tests new innovations for applicability and market readiness.

INTOUCH Kiosk’s software engineers specialize in user interface development, system integration, enterprise and solution architecture, and technology selection. Working with INTOUCH Kiosk’s design and usability specialists, our engineers ensure the appropriate user interface technologies are leveraged to develop highly resonant and functional business applications that meet and satisfy the requirements of the most discerning professionals.


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